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At The Rooster, our ingredients travel a mile from our garden, to your plate.

We believe the food we serve at The Rooster sets the benchmark for Californian cuisine and for the sustainable local food movement.

The dedication and meticulous care our head chef, Bruce Marder puts into the menu offering he also has for his ingredients. Most of the herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables you see on the menu are grown and harvested just a stone’s throw away in Bruce Marder’s own garden.

The love and care he puts into his notable purist style of cooking, he and with the help of his wife Shelly, also put into the quality of his ingredients that they personally harvest from their garden to your plate.

The Rooster’s garden hosts a wide range of key ingredients; from Italian oregano, basil and jalapeño’s that bring a punch of flavor in some of our unique sauces, to perfectly grown lemons, oranges and even figs for our summertime desserts.

If you are looking for TRUE Californian cuisine this week, we would love to invite you to dine with us.

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