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Popfuji, an unfiltered Pilsner hand-crafted in small batches by Brouwerij West, is a perfect pairing with our Monday Night BBQ Menu. This beer is made using Noble Hops---four traditional strains of hops that have been creating beer since the Middle Ages in Europe and are the only four sanctioned by the German Beer Purity Law (yes, that's a thing). These hops give a subtle fruit and spice note to the delicately sweet malty flavor, leaving it perfectly crisp and thirst quenching as you dive into our decadent BBQ Burger or maybe a meaty Tomahawk Rib. What makes this beer especially unique, though, is its one-of-a-kind creamy mouthfeel from its highly integrated carbonation that feels so silky it's been compared to one of my favorite treats: Dole Whip. Even better, this beer is always fresh as we buy it straight from the brewery located in San Pedro, CA. Just one more example of our commitment to supporting local producers.

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