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In case you didn't know it's BLT Day!

In case you didn’t know, Monday July 22nd is National BLT Day! Come in and try our flavorful reinvented version of the BLT known as the Chicken Pancetta Club Sandwich.

We start with a warm, fresh baked Red Rooster baguette. Never under estimate the difference a freshly baked baguette can make on any sandwich. Then we add ripe slices of our home grown tomatoes. Being home grown, they are brighter and more flavorful than mass produced tomatoes. Up next is a thick helping of our house made pancetta which acts as the “B” in the BLT. Then we add Jidori chicken breast that adds a robust flavor. And lastly, a handful of locally sourced crisp lettuce.

Pair it with one of our many wonderful choice beers or cocktails and you have yourself a winning combination. Bon Apetité.

The official BLT Day is Monday the 22nd of July. We thought we'd make the most of it at celebrate it for two days!

So come and join us for lunch on Sunday 21st and Monday 22nd of July and give quite possibly the best "BLT" in California a shot.

Reserve your table here:

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