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Meet our New Tomahawk Beef Rib

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

This succulent Tomahawk Beef Beauty is featured on our new Monday Night BBQ Menu and is primed to indulge any caveman-esque fantasies you may have been secretly harboring. It might even inspire a proper "Yabba-Dabba-Dooooo!" a la Fred Flintstone style.

But besides it's satisfyingly primal presentation of wood-fire grilled meat slathered in Bullseye BBQ sauce, it's all about where it starts. Sourced from Creekstone Farms, it's the highest quality Black Angus beef, known for its superior tenderness and flavor. Creekstone has some of the strictest quality control in the business, hand selecting only the top 1% of cattle to carry their brand name, as well as knowing that humane practices make the best product. That's why the majority of their lives the cattle graze in open pasture land and their facilities were designed by famed animal-activist Temple Grandin. From farm to table it's all about commitment to being the best in the business.

At Rooster, we strive for perfection, which is why we seek out the finest sources for our ingredients. We are proud to feature this incredible farm on our new Monday Night BBQ Menu. The Tomahawk Rib itself is hand-butchered in our own kitchen before hitting the grill over our almond-wood fire, brushed with bbq sauce, and guaranteed to melt off the bone.

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