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Our Summer Menu

Summer is upon us and with that, we have new additions to the menu that take advantage of the seasonal offerings.

Prosciutto on fresh baked baguette and scallops in cast iron skillet.

Start with one of our bright salads such as The Mista, a French style salad with a creamy champagne vinegar tomato vinaigrette, that’s of course made in house. Or if you want a little more heft, we have The Chop Chop, a chef’s salad with our salumi that combine for one wonderful flavor.

For a lighter fare, we have a Red Lentil Soup, a dish Bruce had in a small eatery in Ortokoy, Istanbul, Turkey.

“I had to make it just right. With our lemons and a little chef’s creativity, this is the same great flavor.”

Or perhaps a Classic Spanish Tapas, (“Another dish I acquired from my travels.”), are a perfect complement to our in house cured meats. Our Prosciuttos are top quality as they're from smaller, authentic producers in Italy. Our Burrata is made locally in Los Angeles, in a traditional Italian fashion, which makes for a taste that's just like being in Italy.

Burrata with heirloom tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil.

Mains include tender meatballs made from fresh country bread, mixed with our great organic pork, vegetables and fresh herbs. Having worked in Italy for many years, Bruce learned the best tomato sauce is simply garlic and San Marsano tomatoes.

“My trick to making tomato sauce is to add Rocca Reggiano parmesan to make it creamy and delectable.”

We’re also introducing a New York Prime Rib Chop, Florentina. Grass fed makes for a more tender and flavorful meat.

Clams and Mussels in a cast iron skillet

For seafood, we have Parisian inspired Clams and Mussels in a cast iron skillet, Branzino from Italy and Loup de Mer from France. Both are Mediterranean Sea bass and are cooked to order in our almond wood oven which enhances the taste. Cooked with simple ingredients as to not undermine the inherent buttery flavor of the fish.

We also have a couple new sandwiches, inspired from Bruce’s favorite places in Instanbul, a classic Club Sandwich with Jidori chicken, and the Rooster Ficelle, which features Red Bakery baguette and our house cured Italian meats. It’s a modern take on the Hero Sandwich.

The above was just a sample of the new items we have been perfecting and we’re so pleased to share them with you.

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